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This edition has been carefully prepared in a proprietary format. All of the words, definitions and examples have been preserved, but the explanations of word origins have been omitted to make using the data in a digital format more accessible. We have omitted Webster's lengthy technical introduction for the same reason.

Scripture references have been standardized in a modern format, and many abbreviations have been expanded for ease in understanding.

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GAD, noun

1. A wedge or ingot of steel.

2. A style or graver.

3. A punch of iron with a wooden handle, used by miners.

GAD, verb intransitive

1. To walk about; to rove or ramble idly or without any fixed purpose.

Give the water no passage, neither a wicked woman liberty to gad abroad.

2. To ramble in growth; as the gadding vine.

First Occurrence in the Bible(KJV): Genesis 30:11