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  • Webster's 1828 Dictionary contains the foundation of America's heritage and principal beliefs. It is contemporary with the American Constitution.
  • It is an excellent reference for classical literature, Bible studies, history papers, and the ground work of explanation and reasoning for America's national documents.
  • Christian readers will find it rewarding to compare Webster's definitions of such words as: marriage, education, sin, law, faith, and prayer, with those given in any modern dictionary. The difference gives an appreciation of early American values.
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GROPE, verb intransitive

1. To feel along; to search or attempt to find in the dark, or as a blind person, by feeling.

We grope for the wall like the blind. Isaiah 59:10.

The dying believer leaves the weeping children of mortality to grope a little longer among the miseries and sensualities of a worldly life.

2. To seek blindly in intellectual darkness, without a certain guide or means of knowledge.

GROPE, verb transitive To search by feeling in the dark.

We groped our way at midnight.

But Strephon, cautious, never meant

The bottom of the pan to grope