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  • Webster's 1828 Dictionary contains the foundation of America's heritage and principal beliefs. It is contemporary with the American Constitution.
  • It is an excellent reference for classical literature, Bible studies, history papers, and the ground work of explanation and reasoning for America's national documents.
  • Christian readers will find it rewarding to compare Webster's definitions of such words as: marriage, education, sin, law, faith, and prayer, with those given in any modern dictionary. The difference gives an appreciation of early American values.
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VI'OL, noun A stringed musical instrument, of the same form as the violin, but larger, and having formerly six strings, to be struck with a bow. Viols are of different kinds. The largest of all is the base viol whose tones are deep, soft and agreeable. The violin now takes the place of the old viol

Me softer airs befit, and softer strings of lute, or viol still more apt for mournful things.

First Occurrence in the Bible(KJV): Isaiah 5:12